Weighted blended transparency in Unity

Posted on 2017-04-19 in shaders

A long time ago I uploaded a video showing a WIP approximated order-independent transparency project. Unfortunately, I've run into a few issues, and shelved the project.

Anyway, I decided that it wasn't a good thing that this kind of project is collecting digital dust on my hdd, so I uploaded it to github/bitbucket.

Here's a demo video:

The code is available on github and bitbucket.

The project is completely unsupported.

The reason why I abandoned it in the first place is because I wanted to make a transparent shader that can properly receive shadows, and

  • There was no way to make it work with directional lights without lighting system rewrite.
  • It didn't work on alternative graphic apis, like opengl.

So, treat the project as a sort of proof of concept you can tear apart or adapt to use in your own projects.